Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Late Day Lamb

Wild Rose Farm Evening Pasture Scene
Look closely at the picture above ... see anything?  Yes, that's a newborn lamb peeking out of the group. We went out to check the pasture & bring the ewes back to the Loafing Shed for the evening.  As we walked up, we spotted a ewe & lamb headed up to join the main group.   These little lambs can cover some ground following the ewe!
Leading Ewes Back To The Loafing Shed
As the sun was setting, we made it back to the barn where X-bred Ewe #135 is happily munching hay with her ewe lamb ...
Wild Rose Farm #135 & Ewe Lamb
Or, should we say, "sharing her hay" with another ewe poaching through the pen?  :)
Wild Rose Farm Ewes Munching Alfalfa Hay

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