Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sheep Shearing Tomorrow!

Wild Rose Farm Bred Ewes
Do we look like we're READY to be sheared?   Finally, the weather is cooperating and our shearer plans to be here tomorrow.   He called a couple of hours ago.  We moved the ewes off of their round bale hay feeders and they're on the way to the barn.  No sense trying to lead them through the new green grass, so we "pause" them on one of the paddocks for half a day.  Once they're satisfied, they'll follow up to the barn! Then it's no hay or water overnight.  That way, they are more comfortable being manipulated during shearing on an empty stomach.
Fleeces Look Pretty Clean ... Ewe Lamb In Front
We're thinking that the fleeces look pretty clean this spring ...yea!  Well, it's time to go out and get the barn set up for tomorrow.   Enjoy the sun!
Scampering Past Daffodils!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Your fleeces look super clean! What a treat :-).

RMK said...

Another shepherd & fiber fanatic would appreciate that! Thanks. BUT ... got a call at 7:30AM. Shearer hurt his knee and couldn't come out! Now it's pins & needles waiting. :~(