Friday, July 3, 2015

Ewes Off To Blue Ribbon Farms!

Blue Ribbon Farms Trailer Loaded & Ready To Pull Out!
Today Wild Rose Farm sent 3 ewes off to retirement at an educational farm!   Dan at Blue Ribbon Farms in Aliquippa, PA checked with us about getting some older sheep.   They will spend the rest of their “career” teaching the BRF campers & students about wool.   The timing was perfect since we had just weaned the lambs & the ewes were available to go.   We were able to make a nice selection of different types of sheep and the young men from Blue Ribbon Farms headed over with a big horse trailer to pick them up.
Blue Ribbon Farms - Ride With Pride!
For a job like this, lambs need not apply!   Each ewe left with her “curriculum vitae” neatly tucked in a Wild Rose Farm sheep & wool reference manual that we put together.  We included DOB, breed, individual micron test reports, number of lambs raised, & profile pictures.  
Safely Locked In & Ready To Go!
 One of the happy campers easily recognizable is “U” in the back.   The others are #39 after raising 14 lambs (!) and #130 looking a bit chubby after not nursing her lamb & giving us our lone bottle lamb of the year.   #130 was quite feisty loading up and promptly flopped down and got herself all dirty … sheesh.   After getting her loaded up, I took the picture through the screen so she didn't run us down through an open door!
What an ideal situation for these ewes ... safe travels!    :)

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