Friday, April 7, 2017

Snow Again?

Wild Rose Farm - Back To The Loafing Shed!
After it rained all night & into yesterday morning, it was time to run the sheep back over to the Loafing Shed. The sheep took off out of the barn immediately for the runway to the pasture ... guess who brought up the rear? Yes, Snow White stuck her head out of the barn, looked around, and realized that she was all alone. She ran, jumped, & joyfully kicked her way down the runway, but I was too slow to get the cell phone out to catch the action, lol.
The yellowish looking grass on the left is where the sheep were turned out one by one as they were being sheared. The paddock was grazed intensely, but it should green up again in a couple of weeks.
It was 65 degrees yesterday ... it's 32 degrees & snowing today ... BUT the temps are going back up tomorrow. What a spring so far!

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