Tuesday, April 25, 2017

While We're Waiting ...

Photo Credit To Devin M. 
A Good Mother With Her 1st Lamb!
Here's a guest picture from Devin. This 1st time lambing ewe came from Wild Rose Farm and did a great job for her new family. Devin was kind enough to forward this classic picture of them comfortably bedded down ... She is one of 4 ewe lambs purchased here, so we'll wait to see what happens with the others!   As of this evening, we're still waiting for lambing to start here.
Wild Rose Farm 2-Ply Bulky Art Yarn - Getting ready To Knit!
Meanwhile, our 2-ply bulky Rambouillet art yarn has been purchased & knit up into a hat & mittens by our first customer for this batch. It was custom processed and sold right off of the mill by Ruth at The Mill At Meadowlands.  The rest of the yarn was shipped to us and boy, is it "soft & squishy". 
Here's another picture that was forwarded to us ... it looks great!
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet 2-Ply Bulky Art Yarn
Knitting by Dee - Thanks!
We'll have this yarn for sale at the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest - May 20th & 21st.  Come squeeze it for yourself, lol!

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