Sunday, April 30, 2017

Good Morning From Wild Rose Farm!

Wild Rose Farm - 6:45AM Peaceful Pasture
A "once over" of the pasture this morning revealed a peaceful scene ... nothing going on here. Or is there? Most of the ewes were behind me, but there were a bunch in front of me scattered out grazing. As I got closer, I noticed a ewe behind Snow White watching me.  See her? I still didn't see anything until I walked by above them and saw something bright white between them.
#144 With Her Ewe Lamb
I moved in even closer and everyone got up ... #144 was sticking close & taking good care of her first lamb.  The ewe lamb looked great and was an item of attention & curiosity for Snow White.  Ewe & lamb are resting comfortably in the barn now near the 4 sets of twins.
Snow White Watching Ewe Lamb
Another late post & it's time to go back out for a late night pasture check ...

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