Friday, May 12, 2017

Raining Again & More Lambs ...

Wild Rose Farm "Patches" At 6:30AM Pasture Check
We had several very pleasant days earlier this week and nice weather for lambing. It dried out and we were also able to brush hog parts of the pasture that have already been grazed. The lower parts are still soggy so those areas have to wait.  Our lamb checks continue around the clock & we're up to 23 ewes that have lambed. 
7PM May 11th = Left - Snow White Watching, Middle Alone #408, Right Alone #117
The second picture shows what it looks like when ewes are "thinking about" lambing. I walked through the pasture and took this as picture heading back to the barn. By 10PM, #408, who was pawing the ground in the above picture had delivered a ram lamb.
Rambouillet #408 & Ram Lamb - 10PM 
No one else delivered overnight, but our 6AM pasture check found Dorset #117 with a set of twin ram lambs under the pine trees. She had moved on from standing alone near the water tank earlier.
Here's what it looks like at 10AM today ... now #99 is starting to "stare into the distance".  That's her "above" the llama - 2nd ewe in the distance. 
Snow White & Ewes At 10AM 
Hopefully this gives an idea of what we watch for and observe when we are doing our pasture lambing checks!

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