Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Watching The Pasture

Snow White With #134 & Her Lamb
We had 3 ewes that lambed today. Thankfully, no one lambed yesterday during the drenching downpours and high winds. Snow White was on duty again ... here she is near our #134 horned ewe and her single lamb. It was windy today too. Just get a look at those clouds!
Snow White Watches #134 & Her Lamb Going To The Barn
While the other sheep act silly and start to follow along, Snow White watched us carry off the lamb with the ewe following. Almost as if "it's ok to take the lamb if you're going to the barn".  We just came back in from the barn where we brought in another ewe & lamb in the dark.  The ewe had lambed under the trees ... and Snow White was camped out just below the pines.

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