Monday, May 8, 2017

Sunshine, Twins, & Grazing!

Sunshine At Wild Rose Farm, Finally!
After several rainy, cool, & windy days, we've got sunshine!  The ewes really enjoy a fresh section of pasture and it's not so "washy" to eat. In the rain, we stepped up the pasture checks to every 2 hours to make sure that we got the lambs in to the barn before they chilled. Mission accomplished.
We had 2 sets of twins born in the rain & 2 more sets of twins born today ...
We Were Born In The Rain, But We're Fine Now!
We're Nice & Dry In The Barn ... And Now The Sun Comes Out! 
Wild Rose Farm Dorset Ewe #118 With Twin Rams Born This Afternoon
Hey - What's Going On Down In That Sheep Pasture???
We're grazing in the pasture below our neighbors and the Goat Mahal. Of course, the goats come down to the fence to check things out!  When we moved the net fence this afternoon, we saw a doe leave for the back of the field. She probably has a fawn hidden in the pasture so we were careful not to cause too much disturbance.  It's probably gone by now. We've noticed that does will take advantage of the relative safety behind the pasture fences.    

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