Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey - I'm a Keeper!

Today we sorted the lambs and put permanent apricot eartags on the 4 Rambouillet ewe lambs. We had a lot more Rambouillet ram lambs this year, so we only have 4 ewe lambs to keep. The good news is that they were all born as twins .... yea!
We're also keeping "U", but you knew that already!

The older bred ewes were out foraging around while we put a fresh round bale of hay out for them. They really go through the feed in cold weather like this. The baling twine has to be cut & pulled off of the bale before it is ready to feed. The bale sits on a pallet to keep it dry & off of the ground and then a round bale feeder is set up around the hay. That keeps the sheep from pulling hay out and wasting it and from jumping up on top of the bale and making a mess of it.
The sheep were doing just fine, but this "bundled up" blogger was ready to come in out of the cold. Let's just say that we're not in the group of shepherds that lambs this time of year ..... Brrrrrr!

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