Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Out & About!

We're getting ready to put out a new round bale of hay, so the remains of an old bale were spread around to provide a bedding area. The ewes are released from the area where they're feeding so that the tractor can get in to drop off the new bale. At this point, the sheep decide to follow along for the "adventure". But once they get into the fresh open snow, their heads go down and the pawing begins! The ewes are doing a combination of eating fresh snow for water and pawing to get down to the grass. Another thing to notice is the snow on Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet ewe #321 ..... again showing how well insulated the sheep are. The Rambouillet fleeces are especially dense & thick.
Here are 2 more happy Rambouillet ewes working together .....Yum! Of course, as soon as the new hay bale is in place, they all run to the bale and munch like they've never tasted hay before.

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