Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny & Warm!

Warm is a relative term in January, but it was in the 40's today & sunny in SW Pennsylvania. Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet ewe #321 was enjoying the sun. Just 2 weeks ago, she was pawing in the snow! The ewes were very frisky when they were let out on pasture. The ram was racing around chasing everyone as a new round bale of hay was brought out for them. He'll stay in with the ewes until a few weeks before lambing, unless he starts butting the ewes around. He spends the rest of the year by himself, so we do maximize the time he is with the other sheep ..... besides, that way we don't have to feed and water him separately.
We got a brochure for the SW PA Winter Sheep Workshop in the mail this week. It looks like my old PSCE collegue, Walt Bumgarner, has put together a great program --- see page 2 of the brochure. I last heard Dr. Ken Turner speaking on the study of naturally occuring plant tannins as antihelmenthics. Well, due to another class commitment on Saturday mornings, WRF won't be able to attend this excellent program ...... :(
I'll have to be content to read the proceedings from the July 2009 Appalachian Workshop & Research Update.

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