Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny & Cold Again!

Wild Rose Farm crossbred ewes #47 & #50 are waiting their turn to have their hooves trimmed. Nothing like 20 degree temps to bring on a routine maintenance project like this! Actually, the frozen snow covered ground is ideal. To trim feet, the sheep are flipped over onto their rear ends, feet up, similar to the shearing position. The snow cover keeps the wool clean while they're sitting on their rumps. #50 is a really attractive yearling ewe with a 23.2 micron test on her lamb fleece. We're really looking forward to seeing her first full fleece sheared this spring.

At the other end of the spectrum is our other 12 year old Rambouillet ewe, #802. She just got a new apricot replacement ear tag today. This is her 3rd ear tag over the years. We have a picture of her with her 1st lambs ..... a pair of twin ewe lambs. She was quite the looker in her day. We checked today and she still has her teeth .... that's a good thing with sheep !

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