Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hookstown Fair - Day 1

It was standing room only (2 deep) around the tent when the judging began for the 4-H market poultry classes.  Not sure how this got started, but when you show poultry, you get to wear a long white coat.  Here is the judge examining a 4-H'ers bird in the Senior Showmanship division.  These chickens were all given baths earlier today .... now that would have been interesting to watch.  A lot of care must be taken when you're grooming a chicken! 
Later we were off to the 4-H market lamb barn where we're proud to show off some of the best dressed lambs in Beaver County.  The spandex tubes help keep the lambs clean and keep their skin smooth and tight to their body.  These tubes used to be rather boring, but now the kids are having some fun with the colors.  Aren't you glad that you tuned in to the blog to see the unique Wild Rose Farm view of the fair?  We teach you things that you'd never learn anywhere else!  

The lamb in the background shows off a tube with bling .... see the sparkles?

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