Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ram Sale Results ......

The usual local contingent didn't make it to the PA Performance Tested Ram Lamb & Meat Goat Buck Sale on Saturday, but Wild Rose Farm was there to bring back the details!  We weren't looking for anything this year, but attending the sale keeps us up on trends from year to year.  This year, the first sale Lots 1 through 10 were the high indexing rams from each of the test categories.  Then the sale went in order of the ram test indices breed by breed in each of the categories.  The performance tested rams sold first, followed by the invitational ewe sale, then the performance tested bucks, and finally the invitational doe sale.  If you aren't into meat goats, maybe you should be!  It seems that the majority of the meat goat folks are from the central & eastern part of Pennsylvania .... based on the winning bids for the top 16 bucks that we stayed to watch, there must be a good demand for goat meat.  Here's a picture of one of the "red" bucks moving around the sale ring ...... his left side was all red. 
The sale prices for the bucks - all 100% Boer goats - ranged from $275 - $1000 for the top 15 that we watched.
Ram sale prices (as promised) for those of you that missed the sale were as follows for the top 10 high indexing rams :
Lot 1= $300, lot #2= $350, lot#3=$425, lot#4=$400, lot#5=$400, lot#6=$325, lot#7=$425, lot#8=$250, lot#8=$250, & lot#10=$250.   
The WRF "statistical favorite", Senior. Dorset ram lot#11 went for $400 and a little bidding war erupted with Suffolk ram lot# 31 for $700, the highest price in the ram sale.  Two of the Texel rams, lot #'s 44 & 45 sold for $525 each.   FYI, the minimum bid required to purchase a ram was $250.  As a side note to the sheep owners, most of these rams could not be purchased directly from their home farms for the reasonable prices that they bring at this auction.  See you next year ...............

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