Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot & Boring .....

Just a few words to let everyone know that not much is going on at Wild Rose Farm right now.  This picture says it all ..... hot & hazy.  The sheep are out in the runway while a new round bale of hay is being placed in the feeder for them.  We just had our front spring water development refurbished ..... This is the stock water tank that many of you got to see when you visited the farm on the PASA Summer Farm Tour.  The old tank was not in good shape, so we replaced it and redirected the outflow down over the hill to a second tank.  Now we have 2 tanks and we will be able to run an interior fence line between the tanks to subdivide the pasture.  Aside from moving more of our barn stone collection up to the driveway for the retaining wall project (which our visitors also had to dodge on the way out of the tour!), that's about it for the dog days of summer.  The sheep are just hanging out trying to keep cool and Claire is standing in the sun as usual, even though she could be in the shade! 

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