Sunday, September 5, 2010

All Faired Out!?!

The fair season is winding down now & we're into typical September weather.  The clouds were fluffy and the wind was blowing on Saturday morning when we got to Canfield.  Our first stop was the Jersey & Guernsey dairy cattle show where we got out of the wind for a while. 
I just love the "colored breeds" of dairy cows.  Looks like the Guernsey breeders are having fun with the judge .......
Speaking of judging, we talked about "reasons" in the blurb about the market hog about a week ago.  Here is the scorecard from the hay & grain judge for the Grand Champion Hay.  I would guess that 100 is perfect in this particular scorecard  ...... it sure looked tasty!
I suspect that Wild Rose Farm was one very few people snapping pictures of champion hay, but we had to get in line to wait for the next picture.  This is the 2010 Canfield Fair Grand Champion Squash!  Can you imagine loading this one up for the journey to the fair?  Wow.  Those world champion growers keep pushing the limits. 
On our way out of the fair, we passed this colorful exhibit near the old fashioned steam engine displays ....
So, another year, and another Canfield Fair is almost over.  After traipsing around all day enjoying the food and exhibits, we felt a little like these sheep.  I bet it's their last fair of the season too! 

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