Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Ram By Any Other Name .....

Guess who did this damage at Wild Rose Farm?  Of course, it was the ram.  This was the second time in 3 weeks that he broke a fence board around his pen.  This time he broke 2 different boards, so it was time for an intervention of sorts.
Here is the repair underway. The board at "ramming height" has been replaced by a triple layer of lumber all the way around the pen. Actually, this isn't the first ram to break boards ..... they seem to pick a spot in between posts where the boards have some "give". Then they just worry that spot until it breaks. We had the spare lumber available after tearing out a retaining wall, so there really wasn't any expense involved. To be fair, fall is coming & with the shortening days, it's time for sheep breeding season to start. During the repair operation, the ram stood in the paddock and gazed wistfully down at the ewes!

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