Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Busy Dog!

This is Squeak ...... Squeak belongs to our friend shown here helping us load some of his nice 2nd cutting hay onto our trailer. 
She is an Australian Cattle Dog or what is commonly called a "Blue Heeler".  She is 2 years old and what a bundle of energy she is ...... She lives on a farm and has cattle to herd, but she also loves to play games.  Apparently she is a groundhog killing machine, which is a good thing on a farm.  Ground hog holes can cause horses & cattle to break their legs if they step into them.  The other Blue Heeler on this farm, Zippy, is a "retired" red colored dog ..... in her prime, she used to lurk near the cattle at feeding time and snap starlings out of the air!
Anyway, here's Squeak worrying a tire swing for fun ....... just jumping all over it.  This is the best picture we got ..... even the sport setting didn't seem to be fast enough.
Next she furiously barks and chases a bowling ball all over the driveway.  The fingerholes are stuffed with corncobs to prevent her from getting a grip on it with her teeth.  Another favorite game?  Chasing a Kong Toy whipped into the fields off the end of a pool cue for leverage.  She usually catches it in the air on the 1st bounce and runs back with it for more.  Who needs TV when you've got this kind of entertainment?
Green Acres is the place to be .............  :)

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