Friday, September 10, 2010

Look Who's Here!

Introducing Glenda, our new donkey!  We have been waiting for Glenda to be ready after we picked her out.  She is taking the place of Claire as our flock guardian.  Our friend & breeder stands behind her donkeys with a guarantee.  Not all guard animals, be they dogs, llamas, donkeys, or mules are suited to all species or situations in which they are placed.  While conditioned to all types of animals such as cattle, sheep & lambs, goats & kids, chickens, guineas, alpacas, etc., sometimes a particular "match" doesn't work out.  Guard animals have been known to take a dislike to certain indivduals &/or certain colors of animals or even ignore the animals that they are supposed to watch over.  Long story short, is that the beautiful chocolate Claire returned to "donkey valley" and will be working as a breeding jenny.  She has an excellent temperment and should be a great mother.
Meanwhile, Glenda will be learning her way around Wild Rose Farm.  After she arrived and was unloaded, she went straight down the aisleway to join her new sheepy charges.


Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

Congratulations on the new guardian! She is a beauty.

RMK said...

She's still a little shy, but of course we don't want her to be a pet .... just enough to be handled, vetted, and have her feet trimmed.