Friday, October 28, 2011

Maple Tree Saga

WRF Sugar Maple "Before"
Well, our beautiful Sugar Maple finally had to go.  The first sign of trouble was 2 years ago when we noticed leaves drying up early on a big branch on the left side.  Then last fall, about a third of the left side looked anemic before the leaves dropped.  This summer, the whole left side died out, bark started to peel, & the leaves on the front branches withered early.  Now was the time to remove the tree.  We'll still have time to plant several evergreens to shield us from the busy road.
First Big Branch
Half Way
Last Branch
Almost ........
Timberrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!
Rotten Center ...... :(
Given the choice of "do you want me to drop it on the dogwood or the holly bush?", we chose the holly bush.  Actually, the damage wasn't too bad.  A severe pruning for Christmas greens should fix that right up!  Now what else to plant??? 

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