Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Sheep Friends!

Wild Rose Farm took some time today to visit with Dave, Vanessa, their children and their 3 sheep.  This spring, we referred them to our sheep shearer and today we stopped by to work with them to do some hoof trimmng.  It's not a tough thing to do, but learning to flip the sheep over & then how much to trim takes a little practice.  The good news is that, judging by the looks of things, these sheep probably will only need to have their feet trimmed about twice a year.  Yeah!  They have a completely different type of sheep than most everyone around here.  They are East Friesian x Lacuane crosses ---- dairy sheep!  The ewes are about 18 months old & they are considering breeding them this fall if they can get a suitable ram.  It just dawned on me that we didn't get a group photo of the ewes, just the hoof trimming exercise .......  :(
Anyway the other 2 sheep were white.  It looks like they're going to have a 4 or 5 inch fleece by next spring.  They have nice clean wool free heads and legs and naturally short tails.  I imagine that they'll give quite a bit of milk, so could sheep milk cheese be a possibility?  I know that most of the beginning cheese making classes & seminars are jam packed! 

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