Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sheep Comings & Goings!

Sheep Coming! Can You Find "U"?
I took a few minutes today to get some pictures of the sheep as their grazing rotation takes them past the maples below the front pasture.  With the recent rain, the grass is really green & the maples are at their peak of color!  It's supposed to get cooler & start to rain tomorrow.  Hopefully everyone got their hay in today.  The sheep certainly like it when the weather turns cooler.
Sheep Going ..... Now Find "U"!
We've been considering jacketing the sheep, but we haven't gone down that path just yet.  It shows up in the color of "U".  She's not a true "black" black sheep, & you can see the difference in the sunbleached color of her fleece.  
Wild Rose Farm "U" & Some of The Flock

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