Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet Wild Rose Farm Lisa!

There's always something new when you live on a farm.  Today we picked up Lisa the Llama!  Lisa was part of a group of 4 llamas who needed to find a new farm.  We were approached about giving a home to a llama & after going to visit the group, we made arrangements to take one.  We called a friend who already has a nice group of llamas and other fiber animals.  The other 3 went to her farm. 
So begins the process of introducing Lisa to the sheep and to us.  The 4 were not halter broken and will need to be able to be handled so that they can get a much overdue shearing in the spring.  Lisa has never been an "only llama" and she will be looking for her former herdmates for a while.  We'll see what time & patience will do. For now she's in the ram pen by herself next to the lambs in the barn.   

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