Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clearing Done Out Front!

Trees Cleared
Well, the clearing out in the front of Wild Rose Farm is done.  Wait until we get a picture of the fenceline clearing taken & put up on the blog.  It's so nice that I can just hear a "gas pipeline" rumor starting ......  All of the stumps are pulled & rye has been seeded.   Next we'll pick up the pasture mix that we ordered & finish it off.   Here's a picture of the JD 2010 & the "free" disk set that we pulled out of the edge of the woods years ago.  A neighbor noticed them & tipped us off that they were back there rusting among the trees. Basically, all of the bolts & fasteners were cut or burned out and replaced.
 Net result is a functional tool that we use occasionally ...... not fancy, but it works!
Disking The Field - note cement block weight .....
Can't wait to see the rye seed starting to sprout & green up!

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