Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rainy Day Auction

Down The Farm Lane
It was a rainy day, so we went to a local farm auction.  The farm itself was beautiful, but it hasn't been operated as a dairy for a number of years.  Although we'd been by this area many times, like many of the old-timers that we talked to, we never knew the farmstead existed.  A characteristic of many really old farm homesteads is that they are located in a low spot ...... that's where the spring water was or where it was easiest to dig a well!   So ..... from the main road, you couldn't see any of these buildings! 
Auction Underway - Looking Back Up The Lane To The Parking Area
Need An Old Combine?
There was nothing for sale that we couldn't live without, but I'm reminded that I used to go to auctions at least several times a year.  Just got out of the habit, I guess, and there's only so much "stuff" that you need! 
Or An Old Ontario Planter?


Becky said...

We still use an Ontario planter. Wish ours had the step across the back to stand on while filling the seed bins. Where was the auction? Usually lunch is pretty good at those country sales.

RMK said...

The auction was in Greene Township right next to Little Blue. The farm was purchased years ago by the power company and it was finally time to move we heard. The seed plates in the box were all rusted out like Mr. WRF predicted as he opened the lid! BTW, we saw the combine go down Route 30 under it's own power on Sunday!