Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ewes Grazing & Trees Budding Out!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, or as the sheep like to celebrate, "the eating 'o the green"!  It has been very warm here at Wild Rose Farm - an unseasonable 70+ degrees the last few days.  Well, the grass is starting to really green up and the trees are starting to bud out with leaves.
Nothing like a nibble of fresh green grass to to tempt the ewes to push out of the electric net fence & abandon the round bales of hay.  They are in full fleece right now and they seem to just put pressure on the fence until someone pushes it down .... then the wooly breakout occurs! 
Cleared For Pasture
Here's more of the mostly small timber from our pasture clearing project with our neighbors.  It's amazing how open the property looks now with this little stand of trees gone. We were out pricing pasture seed this morning, so that will be next once the roots are pulled & the ground is disked .... found a yummy "Drought Proof" mix with chicory & clovers in it.  Of course, it wasn't in stock & they've got to call back with the price .......  a lot of the orchard grass turf will grow back, so we'd like to add other pasture "salad bar" species!

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