Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Can't Be Far Away ........

Snow Drops In The Front Yard
Signs of spring are popping up around the farm.  First the snow drops, then the crocus starting to show.
Crocus Closed In The Cold For Now .....
<>Of course, one of the real signs of spring is "spring clean up" at Wild Rose Farm.  Here we are on one part of the property after burning a huge brush pile.  The pile was a result of recent clearing, old clearing, & piles of brush from former "neighbors" on the far side of the property.  Obviously, things ended up here that didn't come from the property owners!  Misc. rusted metal, road sign, guard rail post, & tank .... nice! That doesn't count the dozen tires pulled aside. 
Part Of The Scrap Heap! 

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