Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bound For Basset Blast!

We've All Seen These Signs Before!
Here's something a little different for today .....  While heading home yesterday from a business trip in the Cincinnati area, I came across a van in a rest stop parking lot.  The doors were open & a very nice couple was unloading the first 3 Basset Hounds for a walk and some water.  Turns out that I had stumbled upon a group of 9 rescued Basset Hounds headed from the Tennessee/Georgia area to New York. 
Basset Rescue Van
The group is ABC Basset Hound Rescue from Upstate New York.  Little did I know that Spring Basset Blast 2012 was scheduled for today - April 28th - in Henrietta, NY.
Six of the Bassets Heading For New Homes!

It sounded like all of these guys were spoken for. They were doing the typical happy Basset barking and tail wagging. The handlers told me that the lighter colored Basset below was rescued after being thrown out of a car. Incredible what some people do, but we've seen animals dropped off out around our farm and know that it happens. 
Spring Basset Blast 2012 or Bust!  
  Hope everyone had fun at Spring Basset Blast 2012!   Check out their blog here!


Shelly Gordon said...

I'm currently fostering the guy in the teal collar. He's the best!

What a great story! Thanks for blogging about the homeless bassets!

Shelly Gordon said...

What an amazing story! I'm currently fostering the guy in the teal colored collar. He's sleeping at my feet and is absolutely the best dog!