Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still Waiting .........

Dorset Ewe & X-bred Ewe
The Wild Rose Farm ewes are definitely bred and due any time now!  The ram was put in on 11/28 - the same day as we did in 2010 - and last spring, our 1st lambs were born on April 26th.  No one has gone into labor yet.  This was a young ram, so he may have taken a few days to get into the swing of things .... or, no one was in season as soon as he was put in. 
Feeding Time
  So the feeding, grazing, & back-fencing continues.  At least they're moving towards the barn!
Pulling The Electric Net Fence Up To Backfence Behind The Ewes
In the barn, pens are set up and the waiting continues!  We like to bring ewes and their lambs into the barn after lambing to make sure that they're bonded & protected from cold or heat for at least a few days. 
Lambing Pens Ready & Waiting!

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