Sunday, April 15, 2012

Go Fly A Kite!

Starting To Dive!
We had a sunny & windy day here at Wild Rose Farm ....... a perfect spring day for kite flying!  I got the kite last spring and never did get a good day to fly it.  I noticed one of the streamers peeking out from our storage spot and took it out in the pasture field this afternoon.  It took a couple of attempts to really get it up there ...... the first picture is familiar to everyone.  It just wasn't going to stay up there!   Lisa & Glenda were not happy with this little scenario.  After several tries and finding the right spot to launch the kite, it got way up there for good!

On The Way Up!
I'm sure the folks driving by on Route 30 were able to see this one.  My brother-in-law stopped over while this was going on .... I didn't get a chance to talk to him & if he thought that this was a little goofy, he didn't say anything.  My guess is he'll go get a kite & take his 2 grandchildren out for some kite flying!  :)
Whoo - Hoo!  All Of The String Is Played Out!
When we were little kids, my parents sent away for a Jolly Green Giant kite, probably with box tops.   It was white plastic with the Jolly Green Giant on it.  It was the traditional kite shape with plastic cross pieces.  It seemed HUGE, but looking back, it was probably 3-4 feet tall.   It caught so much wind & flew so well that we tied a rock to the tail to hold it down.  That made for some interesting crashes!  Anyway, we were flying it waaayyyyyy out there at my grandfathers farm one windy day and the string broke!  We never did find it again & I don't think we could have ever pulled it in if we had tried.  The little paper kites were just no comparison to the Jolly Green Giant! 

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