Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shearing Done For Another Year!

Everyone Out On Front Pastures
One of the best feelings during the year on a sheep farm is when the shearing is done!  At Wild Rose Farm, that is second only to when the lambing season is over ..... 
We had a cool rainy day for shearing and we've kept the newly shorn sheep in the barn.  We needed the rain & it should really help the grass grow.  The next chore will be setting up the barn and getting ready for lambing.  We ordered a bag a lamb milk replacer from Hookstown Feed & Supply this morning.  It's better to be prepared & hope that you don't need it than to be running around looking for it when all of the farm stores are out of inventory.
Munching After Shearing!
One of the best feelings for the sheep has to be being able to eat after having no feed since the night before shearing ..... shearing is done on an empty stomach to make it more comfortable for the sheep.  The ewes all have dirty noses & faces right now.  They were in the "Back 40" where we were doing more clearing & burning.  Something about the burn piles & the ashes -minerals?- makes them come in an nose around ..... happens everytime we burn.

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