Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wild Rose Farm Rainbow!

Look Closely For The Rainbow!
What a change from the heat last weekend ..... the high temps were just barely into the 70's here on the weekend.  It was jacket weather in the morning.  We also got some much needed rain, but not as heavy as some communities in the area.  We got sprinkled on coming back from the field after moving the sheep, but the downpour later produced a faint rainbow.
After The Cloudburst ....

Looks Like A Good Year For Blueberries!
I've been noticing the wild black raspberries & blackberries lately.  If we get enough rain, there should be a good crop .... and here are our blueberry bushes.  Just two of them, but they are loaded.  Time to put a cover on them to save them from the birds! 

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