Saturday, June 9, 2012

Neighborhood Haymaking Goes On!

Right Across The Road From Wild Rose Farm!
It was yet another good week for haymaking around Wild Rose Farm.  We picked up more round bales and almost filled the barn this week.  Our neighboring farms have fields of hay that have just been baled and now this field directly across the road from us was cut this afternoon. 
An Ocean Of Hay .....
While right across the road, these WRF sheep moved over closer to the house to graze in the shade.  They had a brief moment of freedom today when "someone" forgot to close the gate to their pasture. Thank goodness the whole kennel started barking ...... usually that means someone is coming down the driveway, but this time it meant that the sheep were wandering up the driveway toward the barn!  A bucket of grain quickly enticed them back to their paddock.
U And Friends Grazing In The Shade.

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