Saturday, June 30, 2012

So Hot For June!

Lambs In The Shade of a Round Bale!
Today is the last day of June and it felt like July or August.  Everyone except Glenda headed for whatever patch of shade that they could find this week.  It was around 100 degrees early in the week, but "only" in the low 90's this afternoon when these pictures were taken.   The sheep moved around a little as we placed fresh round bales out for them.  As soon as the bales were in place and the novelty wore off (!), this group of lambs settled down in the shade. 
Time For Some Water!
Another group of ewes & lambs headed for the water tank ..... they drink and then they stand around before deciding to run off for some shade.  We use a small stock tank off to the side so that the lambs can always reach water.  Then it's off to the shade of the maple trees below ......
Now Off To Some Shade .....
Of course, at this point, the patch of shade below is a little crowded and eventually a group will wander off and find a better spot along the bottom of the fenceline.  Sheep aren't always the smartest things!  :)
Rambouillet #405 - Not Quite In The Shade Yet!
What Wild Rose Farm really needs is some rain  ..... it's very dry & the water tanks are slowing down.  Yes, that's it ..... we need some rain to cool things off here.  We still have July & August coming!

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