Sunday, June 24, 2012

While I Was Away .....

Site Prep Earlier In May
There has been a lot of business travel lately for your Wild Rose Farm scribe ....... Last week, while I was enjoying what turned out to be cooler weather in Houston (!) than in Western PA, our new building quickly took shape.  We have been posting pictures of the clearing, firewood, & cherrywood boards since last fall, so here's a look at the site prep & the pole building.
Poles Set & Framing Underway
Setting the poles & doing the framing only took a couple of days.  Then the trusses were delivered & set up the next day. 
Trusses Set & Braced
I'll be traveling again next week, but it will only take a day to put the finishing touches on the roof & this part of the job will be done.  We need to decide how to do some trim work & louvers ..... they're both functional & decorative.  I'll be looking for some inspiration in barn books this weekend.
Roofing With Drip Edge & Overhang

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