Sunday, July 29, 2012

We Finally Got Some Rain .....

Sweet Grass Is The Only Thing That Is Green .......
Notice How The River Birch Trees Have Been "Pruned" Behind The Streambank Fencing!
It's been as dry at Wild Rose Farm as just about everywhere else this summer, but we finally got some rain during the last week.  We had some rain on Thursday and Friday evening and then again a little on Saturday morning.  It's amazing how quickly pastures, hayfields, and corn fields "greened up".  Still though, it would be too stressful on the pastures to turn the sheep back out on them to graze.  Like most folks, we're feeding round bales now and allowing the pastures to rest.  
Ewes "Drying Off"  On 1st Cutting Hay After Weaning Lambs 

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