Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sorting Sheep!

WRF #0304 Rambouillet Yearling Ewe Lamb - Going To New Home!
We did a little work with the sheep this evening at Wild Rose Farm.  Two ram lambs were picked up by some folks who need some summer lawn mowers.  We also sorted off a registered Rambouillet ewe lamb & a yearling ewe lamb who were purchased in June for a show ring career.  The ewes are just so nice and we love to have them go to good farms as breeding animals.  Of course we have retained the twin of the yearling ewe pictured above ---- WRF Rambouillet #0303!
We have a nice group of Dorset x Rambouillet ewe lambs & Rambouillet ram lambs for sale as breeding stock.  We might be able to spare 1 more Rambouillet ewe lamb if anyone "needs" one! :)

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