Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who Me?

You Talking About Me? 

Today was "Donkey Day" at Wild Rose Farm.  The vet came to give Glenda her annual shots, so she was the center of attention.  First we put on her halter & led her to the barn paddock.  Then she got her shots and was admired by the equine vet ...... a good tempered, healthy donkey.  Next she went willingly over to the pasture where the new barn is being finished.   She quickly became a helper donkey, watching all of the action.  After anything of interest was supposedly put into the wagon & out of the way, Mr. WRF turned to see Glenda walking behind him carrying the red box of 16 penny nails!  A shout of "HEY!" and she put it down, amazingly not dropping or flinging it. That would have been a mess .......
The Enticing Box Of Nails - Off Limits To Donkeys!
The contents of the new barn had to be put under protective custody ...... mission accomplished by nailing a 2 x 4 across the doorway.  The picture below from this evening says it all.  It was enough to keep out a designing donkey!
Disappointed Donkey .......

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