Monday, July 23, 2012

Off To A New Home!

Wild Rose Farm Ewes - Off They Go! 
These two Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet ewes are off to a new home and a show career.  They were sold a while ago, but the stars aligned (I wasn't traveling for business!) and they were picked up yesterday.  We also didn't want to move them the last few weeks when it was SO HOT. 
The bigger ewe, WRF #0304 is a twin yearling ewe out of our performance tested ram & our ewe WRF #321 ..... she is currently 9 years old and just had a set of twin ram lambs this spring.    The smaller one, WRF #0337 is a twin ewe lamb born this May sired by our current home-bred ram, WRF #402. You'll  remember him as our last lamb out of the venerable grandma, WRF #802 .....  she is 14 now and has earned her retirement.  If you're looking at our blog pictures, WRF ram #402 is the sire of all of the lambs this year and we've got some nice ones.  His cross-bred ewe lambs, as well as his registered ram lambs are for sale.
We really like it when our ewe lambs go off to a new flock!

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