Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Morning From Wild Rose Farm

It's a beautiful cool morning here at Wild Rose Farm and the ewes are munching down the "hospital pen".  It's the small paddock next to the driveway.  We put the sheep here when we have visitors or when someone comes to look at the sheep.  It's pretty rich and it makes for 1 "paddock shift" or one day of grazing.  Clover, chicory, juicy weeds, & orchard grass.  I also whipped in some fallen pears and sweet corn husks last night as a treat.  When they're done, we mow this paddock with the riding lawnmower. 
Ewes Grazing
You'll occasionally see Glenda or Lisa in here when we are working with the sheep and need to exclude them.  It doesn't work to keep lambs away from ewes .... the inner pasture side is 7 strands of high tensile wire, not 10, and the lambs can squirt through if they really want to  ....... which is part of the reason we wanted to build the Loafing Shed as a spot for secure weaning.
Sunny, But Cool This Morning!

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