Saturday, August 18, 2012

Show Sheep At The Fair!

Super M & Little C Waiting For The Show!
The two Rambouillet ewes that left the farm a while ago made their show debut at the Lawrence County Fair this week.  Wild Rose Farm ran up to the fair to see the breeding sheep show Monday evening.  The ewes looked good and they were calmly waiting in their exhibit pen before the show started.  The show goes in alphabetical order by breed - Cheviot - Corridale - Dorset - Hampshire - Horned Dorset - Katadin - Montadale - Natural Color - Rambouillet - Tunis - Shropshire - Southdown - Suffolk.  Actually, quite a few sheep since Lawrence County has a large farming community. 
Setting Up WRF Yearling Ewe #0304

It's a little hard to get a good picture under the lights across the show ring, but we were able to get a decent shot as Ashley was setting up the yearling ewe.   She got the blue ribbon in her class and was the Grand Champion Rambouillet Ewe in the show.  She was a little jumpy on the way out of the ring but we can show you a glimpse of the ribbons.   Maybe next year for "Little C"!

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