Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time For Ear Tags

Hey - We All Have Ear Tags, Right?  Nope - I See A Right Ear Without A Tag!
We did a little work today catching up with the flock ear tags on the yearlings.  We had 4 crossbreds and 2 Rambouillets to tag, so it didn't take very long.  The first step is gathering all of the ewes up and then picking out the young ewes without the permanent flock tag.  A few days after the lambs are born, we process them & put in a flock Scrapie ear tag.  The ewes lambs get a tag in the left ear & the ram lambs get a tag in the right ear.  It makes it easy to separate the 2 groups without up-ending & checking each one, especially when someone comes to look at the lambs.  Technically, they don't need one of these tags until they leave the farm, but this keeps everyone in order & they're ready to go when we sell them. 
Yearling X-bred Ewe - Scrapie Tag 0299 - Soon to Be WRF #128 In Right Ear
The yearling ewe above is a twin out of x-bred WRF #50.  Without checking the records, she's at least 75% Rambouillet & you can see it in her fairly dark, greasy fleece.  She got her flock tag, WRF #128 today.  Now that they have their flock tags, we'll register the 2 Rambouillets.  When the registration papers come in, we'll ship the fleece samples that we collected at shearing to Yocum-McColl Testing Labs for their micron test.  We test all of our sheep, not just the registered Rambouillets. 

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