Monday, August 6, 2012

When The Farmer's Away ....

As We Found It At Evening Feeding Time!
When the farmer's away, the donkey will play!  Glenda had all day to herself and the Loafing Shed proved to be too much to ignore.  While we were away at the PA Performance Tested Ram Sale, the amusement started at Wild Rose Farm.  Apparently the 2x4 was loose enough for Glenda to push or rub against it and we came home to a scene of donkey fun!
The Culprit & A Pile Of Nails .....
We found the 2x4 on the ground and hoofprints everywhere in the shed.  She mouthed & carried stuff all over the place.  There's only one thing to do for the nails ..... we got our magnet and picked them all up.
Picking Up Nails At The Scene Of The Crime!
She knocked over the drill bit box, but luckily, only a couple of bits fell out.  The trash pile in the corner of the building was scattered too.  Must have been fun carrying all of that stuff around!
Nails & Drill Bit Box
Anyway, after the clean up, the board was securely nailed back up and Glenda was locked out again.
So ...... here's an update on the building.  The louvers are made from hemlock boards.
Cherry Siding & Hemlock Louvers

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