Friday, August 29, 2014

You've Been Given Fair Warning!

"Fair Warning" Sign!
This is our 3rd county fair in two weeks and we've seen all of the signs on the livestock displays.
Rabbits bite - keep hands out of cages.  Chickens peck - keep hands out of cages.  Horses & ponies - some bite, some don't want their ears touched ... you get the picture.  Just common sense, but if you don't know animals, sometimes not so common!   :~0
This sign was on a nice display pen of horned Shetland sheep and we were amused.  Turns out that the lady who owns the sheep also trains her Standard Schnauzers to herd sheep.  Interesting!
Big Knob Fair - Shetland Sheep
Then it was on to our 4th fair today ... the big Canfield Fair in Ohio.  More sheep ...
Canfield Fair - Preparing To Show Horned Dorset Rams
The judge was making a point in this Suffolk ram class pictures below- note the 1st place ram on the left is younger & shorter in stature in this class, but he was more structurally correct, heavier muscled, etc.  There's a bone of contention when the discussion comes up on the difference between what are referred to as "show" sheep and "production style" sheep.  We see the judges go both ways and, in fact, the larger framed Suffolk ewes came out on top in their classes.  The judges weigh all aspects of the sheep and make their decisions ...
Canfield Fair - Suffolk Ram Class
After the sheep, it was off to the Largest Squash display, which we faithfully document each year!
Canfield Fair 2014 - Largest Squash 1,124#
 A final note ... look above the 2014 Canfield Fair Grandstand Sign Board.  WPA - 1936.  I'd forgotten about that.  Are there WPA or CCC projects in your town? 
2014 Canfield Fair Grandstand


Becky said...

Thank you for the fair photos...that is all I'll see this year...and very good warnings about petting!

RMK said...

Good to hear from you Becky. On the petting, it's like my answer to the question, "Does your dog bite?". The correct response is "not yet". :) Makes people think twice before just walking up to animals!