Friday, July 31, 2015

A Visit To Friends!

Wild Rose Farm Ewe Lambs At New Home!
Dot, Samantha, Onie, & Angel
We had a chance to visit with the 4 lucky ewe lambs who left Wild Rose Farm a couple of weeks ago.  They are living the good life comfortably bedded down in a big horse box stall.  I think that I got the names right in the picture above - I'll hear about it if I didn't!  There are a pen of turkeys a stall or two over and also 2 horses. But most fun of all are the 2 "piggets" across the aisle ... yes, the boys call them piggets.
And happy piggets they are.  The spotted pig just loves to get a belly scratch and immediately flops over on her side.  :~0
Swooning For A Belly Scratch!
And what about the blackberries, you ask?  Well, this usually isn't the cooking channel, but here are the goodies & I've got the scratches to prove it!  We've picked & frozen several quarts as well & I think we'll get one more picking in before they are over for the season.
Fresh Baked Blackberry Cake & Blackberry Pie
That's my favorite old linen towel in the background, a gift from my mother shortly after we got the sheep!

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