Monday, July 27, 2015

Random Summer Happenings ...

Glenda Assists With Round Bale Movement
Lot's of routine stuff going on during the summer at Wild Rose Farm & most is not remarkable.   Moving hay bales over to feed the sheep gives Glenda something to do ... follow the skid steer!
Back To Pick Up Another Bale
Then she came back and proceeded to munch on the hay, picking it out through the net wrap.  Why eat acres of grass when there's dry hay around?  :~0
Yummy Dry Hay - There's Too Much Green Stuff Out Here!
Later in the week, it was time to load up fire wood from the big pile of seasoned wood, aka, the Log Mahal. Once again, it provides an interesting diversion if you're a donkey.  Sometimes she pins her ears back, follows close behind, and acts like she wants to bite the wagon.  Crazy donkey!
Now It's Time To Follow The Trailer ...
Another summer routine is the annual Boy Scout hike to the Ligonier/Latrobe area.  The troop sets out from a church a couple of miles from here and goes right past our farm.  I usually get to document the hike because our kennel of hounds goes crazy when people walk or bicycle past on US Route 30.  It's "not normal", so they sound the alarm!
First Year For The Scout, 7th Year For The Leader!
On down the road they go in safety orange ... not sure where the first evening campsite is.  Hope they had some dry weather.  Notice the uncut hay field across the road and it's late July!
And Off They Go ...
Finally, last week we started to pick blackberries.  With all of the rain, it's been a good year for berries.  We have a thicket of blackberries, multi-flora rose (yuck!), & grape vines on the edge of an old log landing back in our woods.  We got enough for a pie the first time and yesterday we got enough for 2 pies.  Some will be frozen for a nice winter pie.  Take a look at these berries about 7 or 8 feet up in the air.  I guess that leaves something out there for the birds!
Can't Reach These Blackberries!  
Summer is for weeding, pruning, dead heading, & picking fruit ... how about you?

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thecrazysheeplady said...

Stealing hay is always more fun than anything else :-D.