Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Off To A New Home!

4 Ewe Lambs Leave In Cushioned Comfort!
We're finally catching up on our pictures from the weekend and shooting up this blog post.  Wild Rose Farm waved farewell to 4 ewe lambs on Sunday.  They rode off with their family to a great new home!   They were protected & cushioned in the truck as they headed out.
The first report back says that 2 have been named so far ... Samantha & Odie!   BTW, that cute triplet lamb from the previous blog post?  That's her, #01E, standing in the middle.  She's a 50/50 Dorset x Rambouillet crossbred.
In other news ...
Foreshadowing her clever "escape" Sunday morning, the picture below shows #37 heading down to check out a new hay bale. All of the other sheep had already raced to the new bale, but she was busy picking every last kernel of corn from the feeder.
#37 Heading To Join The Rest Of The Flock ... Snow White Can't be Bothered!  :)
Notice the skid steer tire tracks in the grass leading in & through the electric net fence.  By the time I had driven to the fence to return, she had raced up behind us and slipped through as we opened the fence. Mmmmm ... fresh clover on the other side!  Well, we lured her up into the barn with a bucket of grain and she joins the ewe lambs until we have a chance to move her back with the dry ewes.  She and her twin ewe lamb quickly found each other!
Wild Rose Farm #37 - That's Her Lamb Right Behind Her! 
Each lamb has their dam's number on the right side.  The underline is our indication that she is not for sale ... we are keeping her as a replacement.  Why?  Ewe #37 is 10 years old, still has all of her teeth, the lamb is a twin, and #37 has raised 17 lambs in 9 lambings.   And she's STILL out-hustling the others and escaping!  :~0
Wild Rose Farm  #37 @ 10 Years Old With Twin Ewe Lamb

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