Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Old Fence Post!

Old Fence Post In Clearing
Let's continue the Wild Rose Farm fence post theme ...... here's a shot of the area that we're clearing for a building.  Notice the old fencepost front & center in the picture among the sumac tree stumps.  Let me tell you, we cut down the single largest sumac tree that we've ever seen in this group.  It's really a junk wood, so it wasn't cut up for firewood either.  The orange spot in the picture is the saw dust left from the cherry logs that were sawed into boards last fall.  To the left of the saw dust is the the pile of slab wood left over after the boards were cut.  They will be cut up for firewood too.
Starting Back Clearing For The New Fenceline
Off to the left is where we're starting back for the new fence line.  So here's the thing about old fenceposts.  Have you ever been out in the woods on the top of a hill and found yourself standing next to the remnants of an old fence line?  A couple of posts in a broken line, some leaning ..... Think to yourself about the person who set those fenceposts by hand, sweating in the July afternoon sun, tamping the dirt in around the post and making sure it was plumb.  Then they came by a few days later with a hand barb wire fence stretcher & stapled the wire tight to the posts.  Those fortunate enough to own ground that has been in the family might know who set those old posts years ago.  Most of us just encounter them and have to wonder who did all that work ...... you appreciate the work once you've built a fence!


Becky said...

The cherry sawdust is striking, so bright in the winter landscape. The tree we call sumac in swPA is actually Ailanthus of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn",but it is still invasive and of no use for firewood.

RMK said...

Yes, "Tree of Heaven", right?