Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back To Snow!

Glenda Braying!
A new weekend and more snow overnight at Wild Rose Farm.  We were already planning to bring Glenda in since the temps were going to drop all day & the wind was picking up.  She had some commentary above when we went out to feed this morning! 
Let's Put On The Halter ......
Glenda Following At Her Own Pace .....
The trick to leading a donkey sometimes, is to let the donkey think that it is going where it wants to go!   Anyway, here she goes back up to the barn for a few days during the coldest weather.  Given a choice, she would prefer to be outside with the sheep.  She really thinks that she's following her feed trough.

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N. said...

Cute post! We live close to a farm where they have a donkey and sheep too. They're really good guardians! :)